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A Familiar Spirit

*Prototype* Gravestone Propagation Vase

*Prototype* Gravestone Propagation Vase

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This is your chance to own one of the original pieces which is functional sculpture. These were dreamed up in the winter and have since had a few attempts towards finding my magic recipe to be able to offer these on a regular basis. 

Few things please me more than when I can marry form & function. I‘m notoriously guilty of having stray glass jars cluttering my shelves stuffed full of plant clippings awaiting their eventual repotting. As much as I can be a clutterbug I’m always looking for aesthetically pleasing ways to reign in my chaos. So a deathly beautiful vase for the propagation of life…and houseplants is a winning combo for me and I hope for you as well!

Glass propagation vases are cast in a mix of plaster, jesmonite &/or foam clay in the traditional rounded arch shape of a gravestone and is then hand carved or adorned with plaster cast pieces to resemble Victorian grave markers. 

⚠️ As these are all prototypes the weight and materials vary from each design. There is a chance of chipping, please be cautious. Do Not fill above the glass indent inside the vase. 

MATERIALS ( each design differs slightly, but may include these materials)

  • Glass vase (all have these but different shapes)
  • jesmonite/aqua resin (a gypsum compound that feels like mar or stone)
  • art plaster
  • foam clay (this is only in the interior body of the winged skull v.2 to reduce weight)
  • acrylic paint
  • clear coat enamel paint 

✨A Familiar Spirit original design 🍂


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